I am a craftsman, thrift first, heart has direction, shoulder can bear the responsibility, create glorious

Tanglon spirit

Trees need water to nourish and roots can hold soil ,and soil can hold water, trees and water correlative dependence, vitality, like Tanglong stay together with employees, customers, create a better future.

1, the enterprise concept

Innovation, integrity, communication and cooperation

2, ten consciousness

1) Quality consciousness,

Accept our products and services to customer needs is the only standard

2) Detail consciousness

Details is a kind of creation, details is a kind of capability, Details show the performance culture, details reflect art , details hidden opportunities, details condensate effect,  details produce benefit.

3)Innovation consciousness

Not afraid making the error, but afraid not to try, tang is the soul of the continuous improvement innovation, innovation, and innovation

4)Active consciousness

think the customers's think,  see the leader have not see,do others failed to do

5)Interpersonal consciousness

Abandon paternalism, the pursuit of equality, mutual trust, communication and respect

6)Team consciousness 

Full cooperation, in the resort atmosphere thick letter in full cooperation in the pursuit of personal and organizational excellence.

7)Continuous improvement consciousness

no best, only better.

8)performance consciousness

Efficiency, effect, not excuses

9)Saving consciousness

To save become a habit, a kind of culture, a kind of idea, aim to start small, from the finest point, demanding the benefits.

Rule consciousness

Learn the rules, know the rules, Use the rules

3. Social responsibility

Contribute to the development of Tanglon, and make unremitting efforts for himself and his family happiness.